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Anti-snoring mouthpieces are devices designed to stop snoring but with so many brands with different features and promising the same thing it can be difficult to choose one that would really work for you. If we are to consider popular brands in the market though, it will definitely include SnoreRx which has garnered good reviews from snorers. However, what works for others may not work for you. Hence, you will find out here what makes it different from its competition, why it is working for others, and if it could possibly work for you as well.

What Is SnoreRX?

SnoreRx is a popular prescription for snoring that is said to have exceeded the product performance and standards of Oral Appliances for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OAOSA). Although it employs a technique used by many other anti-snoring devices, SnoreRX has several unique features that make it striking among its competition.

How Does It Work?

Like many other devices, SnoreRx uses the mandibular repositioning technique meaning it holds your tongue and keeps your lower jaw slightly forward than normal so air passes through your throat without obstruction eliminating the vibrations that cause snoring.

What Makes It Different?

Unlike other devices, this custom molded mouthpiece allows you to custom micro calibrate the setting at any time so you can get the most comfortable fit. If you need to make some adjustments after having fitted the device, changes are still possible. While most oral appliances are customizable, you cannot adjust it further once you have set the mold.

Additionally, SnoreRx is unique because it has no need for hardware to make it work. Other devices are known to have screws, springs, nuts, bolts, wires, rubber bands, or torsion to push the lower jaw forward which puts the jaw under constant pressure resulting to pain in the jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and muscle disorders, and broken or chipped teeth.

Features And Benefits

  • FDA cleared and exceeds Medicare standards. It is BPA-free and materials are sourced and made in the USA. You can rest assured that it is safe to use as both materials and design exceeded standards of regulating bodies.
  • No tool required. It eliminates hardware such as wires, screws, and bolts among others that can damage your teeth or cause facial and jaw pain.
  • Micro-fit adjustability. Precise calibration in 1mm increments for maximum effectiveness and comfort.
  • Thermal fit. Allows accurate custom fit to your own mouth.
  • V-Flow and V-Alignment. Allows full airflow through the mouth and positive center alignment.
  • Bruxism protection. It prevents you from grinding your teeth while you sleep.
  • Posi-lock. You have the ability to lock and unlock your setting any time for a more comfortable fit.
  • Calibrator. It provides clear reading of the amount of jaw advancement so if you need to make an adjustment in the future you have a point of reference.
  • Minimum side-effects. You will still feel slight soreness as with any oral devices particularly on the first few nights but SnoreRx has reduced the risks for facial pain, jaw pain, TMJ, and bite alignment issues among other side-effects associated with wearing oral devices.


  • Price. It is a bit expensive compared to other devices in the market which is somehow expected considering its multiple features and benefits. Conversely, it is a lot cheaper to CPAP machines and surgery.
  • Adjustment period. As with other devices, there is an adjustment period but because it is comfortable to wear, it does not take a long time to get used to it.

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