How To Prevent Snoring: 5 Practical Tips

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Some snorers particularly those who sleep alone are not even aware that they have a snoring problem. On the other hand, there are individuals who know that they snore but are not aware that a few lifestyle changes can actually help prevent or eliminate the problem entirely.

Maintain a healthy weight and diet

People who are overweight are more likely to snore. Although snoring is a problem of both genders, males are more at risk especially those who are overweight. Your lack of exercise could lead to an increase in fats around your throat and that means you may not have enough muscle tone required to keep the air passages adequately open when you sleep to allow normal breathing. The excess fats around your neck will put pressure in the airway causing it to partially collapse.

Snoring is also proven to get worse as people age and for that reason eating healthy and performing regular exercises are highly essential as these will not only help prevent snoring but are also your weapons to fighting premature effects of aging.

Cut down on alcohol

Alcohol passes through all areas of the body and causes the muscles to relax. Because it also functions as a depressant, it relaxes the muscles in your throat which causes snoring. Additionally, alcohol causes nasal irritation which makes normal breathing even more difficult. If you cannot quit alcohol consumption, try to limit your intake and if you should drink, refrain from consuming alcohol for at least 4 hours prior to bedtime.

Certain drugs such as sedatives or sleeping pills are known to act in the same way so if you are under medication, it will be best to consult your doctor about this issue.

Quit smoking

The lining of the nasal cavity and the throat can easily get irritated by smoke which causes inflammation. If your nasal airways are clogged up, normal breathing through your nose will be difficult. Nasal congestion amplifies with each cigarette you smoke. On top of that, your family or those around you can get affected by snoring even if they do not smoke. People who are exposed to smoke coming from you are also prone to experiencing nasal congestion which will lead to snoring.

You are better off without a cigarette if you want to enjoy quiet sleep and if you value your loved ones’ health as well. If you cannot go cold turkey, try to avoid smoking within 4 hours of bedtime and keep away from people if you have to smoke.

Keep nasal passages clear

Individuals with chronic allergies suffer from breathing through their mouths while asleep. It may help if you take your medication for allergy prior to bedtime, or use nasal spray so you could normally breathe when you sleep. It would be best to get your allergy treated so refer to your doctor to get a proper treatment for your allergy or nasal congestion. If you do not have any allergy but your nose is stuffed up, you can try over-the-counter saline sprays or humidifiers.

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