Mandibular Advancement Device: The Top Five

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Scientists approximate that the human being sleeps no less than 1/3 of his life. With so much time spent asleep you will want it to be truly resting and comfortable. Even more, lack of sleep can affect almost every single area of your body. If you don’t sleep enough, your concentration, your memory, your heart, your digestive system and your muscular system can be harshly affected and long-term sleep issues can even be fatal, leading to strokes.

One of the most commonly encountered sleep-related issues out there is snoring. Not only will you not be able to sleep as you would want, but your snoring can disturb those you love as well. However, snoring is something you can remove completely from your life and modern knowledge has made it possible. Continue reading if you want to find out more about the best mandibular advancement devices on the market.

Before you start learning about the mandibular repositioning device, you should first understand which the main cause for snoring is. Basically, when you snore, the sound that comes out is nothing but the air trying to get through the throat. When you sleep, your throat can relax a lot and that can make the air vents’ space shrink and that is precisely what leads to that snoring sound.

A mandibular advancement devcie is something similar to the removable dentures out there and it will push your jaw forward just enough so that it makes enough room for the air to get through and to avoid making the snoring sound.

Rank No. 5 Puresleep

This is a self-molded jaw retaining device made of materials that are FDA cleared. You need to achieve precise fitting otherwise once it has been already molded, you can no longer change the settings. While it has garnered positive reviews among users, the hassle of getting it is not worth if for many users. It requires prescription and there are devices with better features and benefits that don’t require prescription at all. Features and real user experiences can be found on our full review on Puresleep.

Rank No. 4 Vital Sleep

This fully-adjustable and customizable jaw retaining appliance is reputed to have 95% success rate. Although a lot of users say that it works, many agree that the quality needs to be improved. While materials are FDA cleared, users say that after a while the device loses its shape and that it is not practical when you can only readjust the mold up to three times.

Rank No. 3 Good Morning Snore Solutions

Unlike the previously mentioned treatment, this is an actual device. However, it is different from those devices that push the jaw forward because it works based on tongue displacement. This device shows almost no side effects, it comes in a size that will fit everyone, it is extremely affordable and it will be suitable for long-term use as well. However, if you also have to wear an anti-teeth grinding device, do make sure that you check with your doctor first.

Rank No. 2 Zquiet

This is a similar device and the company manufacturing it claims that it is made according to the very same technology as the custom-made devices prescribed by dentists. However, it will be ready to use right of the box, which makes it more affordable and which also makes it a faster solution for your snoring issues. Even more, it comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee, which may be attractive to many of you out there.

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