PureSleep Review: Does It Really Work?

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Snoring may not be uncommon among men and women but it is clearly an issue considering the number of people who are looking for various methods to stop snoring. You can choose from nasal strips, jaw straps, pillows, herbal medicine, oral devices, CPAPs, to surgery if you wish to put an end to your misery.

Oral devices, however, have become more popular since they have been found to be more effective than sprays and pillows, more comfortable than CPAP machines, and noninvasive compared to surgery. Here you will learn about Pure Sleep, one of the most popular brands in the market today and find out if it could be your best option or if you’re better off trying out something else.

What Is PureSleep?

Pure Sleep is a prescription mouthpiece marketed as a treatment for snoring. This self molded retainer is said to be recommended by dentists and doctors for several years now as an effective means of reducing snoring. This anti-snoring device is FDA-cleared and is made in the USA.

How Does It Work?

Like many oral stop-snoring devices, Puresleep uses a mandibular repositioning technique which gently holds the lower jaw forward of its normal position while you sleep. This principle simply opens the airway enough so that air moves through unobstructed. When the air passage is free, there is no vibration, and no snoring.

PureSleep consists of an upper and a lower piece that is joined together in three settings depending on your bite. Once the pieces are connected, the device is boiled to soften and make it pliable so that it can be molded into your mouth for a more custom fit.

Features And Benefits

  • Customizable. Unit is adjustable by multiple setting at the time it is custom-fitted.
  • FDA-cleared. It has obtained clearance from FDA for reducing snoring in adults.
  • Made in USA. It is manufactured in the US with materials sourced in the USA.
  • Sound concept. Pure sleep is using a technique that is already clinically proven to open the air passages which reduces snoring.


  • Discomfort. It would typically cause some soreness in the jaw at first use and adjustment period may take a few nights of consistent use. Gums and teeth can get sore as well like getting braces or a retainer for the first time.
  • Margin for error. Users are reported saying that it is easy to fit but once the mouthpiece is molded, you cannot change the setting anymore. You will have to be particularly careful in following the instructions prior to fitting it.
  • Not easy to obtain. Some people find it tedious to go through the series of questions required to be completed prior to placing your order.

Real User Reviews

The following are just a couple of feedback from actual users but they actually sum up the general opinion on Pure Sleep.


Based on user reviews, this anti-snore mouthpiece actually works. The problem is that many users have noticed that it easily wears off and because you can no longer adjust it once it is molded, you will have to get another unit. Some users are reported to like it but because it is like a trial and error process to make one work, it could be very discouraging.

Better Alternative

Another oral device that is a prescription for snoring would be worth checking into considering the better feedback it received from most users. Check out our comparison article of the top mouthpieces here.

SnoreRX which is also FDA cleared has even more features that stand out among many other oral anti-snoring appliances. It provides a precise custom fit and calibration for optimum clinical efficiency and comfort. It enables full airflow through the mouth, settings that you can reset anytime, flex jaw for controlled lateral movement, and advanced design that does not make use of screws, springs, rods, or rubber bands found in other mouthpieces which put the jaw in constant pressure resulting to pain.

Although like any other oral appliances, there will be an adjustment period. Many users, however, have reported that the level of discomfort is very minimal and that this medical grade product delivers on its promise.

The product’s patent pending micro adjustability is the key to the success of SnoreRx. Not only does it ensure efficiency but total comfort as well.

In addition, should there be changes required in the future, the setting can easily be changed. Unlike Puresleep and other mouthpieces which prohibit you from changing the settings once the units are molded, the micro-adjustability of SnoreRx allows you – the user – to reset the settings according to what is comfortable for you.

To try SnoreRx, the best place to go would be the official website as it is the only venue where you can guarantee that the item you are getting is authentic. The site also offers a 30-day money back guarantee which protects your purchase just in case you are not satisfied with the results.

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