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SleepTight – My first experience with a Mandibular Advancement Device

As a long-term snorer, I am something of a veteran when it comes to anti snoring devices. Having had limited success with other remedies, it was time to trash the nasal strips and try something more effective. I was told about Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) by my dentist, and so decided to try it out for myself. The SleepTight MAD is relatively new to the market and has enjoyed some excellent reviews, so I put down my $9.95 deposit and gave it a go.

How does it work?
The SleepTight Mouthpiece is a MAD that holds the lower jaw and tongue forward while you sleep, creating more space in the mouth and throat for air to pass through. It also has a breathing hole in front of the device, which allows air to pass through more easily and is absent from a lot of other MADs. As a self-confessed mouth-breather, this was of particular advantage for me, as it prevents those vibrations in the nose, palate, and throat that cause snoring and results in a soundless slumber (much to the delight of others in your household!)

How Do You Use It?
MADs are typically pretty uncomfortable to use, but one big benefit of the SleepTight Mouthpiece is that it can be custom designed to fit your mouth in the privacy of your own home. This was super easy to do, using the ‘boil and bite’ method – you simply drop it in boiling water for a few minutes, let it cool, pop it in and bite down, before using cold water to set the shape. This produced a nice snug fit first time for me, but if you don’t get the desired results on your first go this process can be repeated four or five times to get a firm and comfortable fit. With my SleepTight mouthpiece nicely molded, I was ready to try it out!

Did it Work?
Yes! I was a little dubious at first (sleeping with a foreign object in your mouth is unusual, after all) but I found I could drop off pretty quickly with the device in place. The next morning I awoke feeling well rested and refreshed, and (unusually for me) I had slept through the night without waking. The true success of this experiment, however, was that my long-suffering partner had also made it through the night undisturbed – no snoring whatsoever! Needless to say, we were both overjoyed with the results!

Value for Money?
A major perk of this product is the low upfront cost. While the full price of this product, at $69.95, is moderate when compared to other mouthpieces on the market, you can purchase an initial 30-day trial for a low $9.95. If you find that the product isn’t for you, whether it’s because the mouthpiece doesn’t fit comfortably or because it doesn’t have the desired results, there is no obligation to pay the additional costs. This is a testimonial to the confidence that the company has in their product, and having found it to be highly effective myself I was more than happy to stump up the full amount following the initial trial period. When treated with care, this device lasts up to two years, which more than justifies the cost.

My experience with the SleepTight Mouthpiece was, overall, extremely positive for several reasons:

  • Ease of use: The fact that you can mold this mouthpiece to fit in the privacy of your own home is a nice touch, as you can create a custom-fit device that sits snugly in the mouth with no hassle whatsoever.
  • A good fit: The boil and bite method allows for a good tight fit in the mouth, which meant it stayed in place throughout the night and didn’t end up on my pillow by the next morning.
  • Effectiveness: It worked! By opening the airways, I could sleep soundly through the night without waking myself (or anyone else) with my snoring.
  • Durability: The SleepTight Mouthpiece, when treated with care, lasts up to two years, which makes it excellent value for money! The inner material is soft and comfortable, but the outer material is stronger and firmer, making it far more durable.
  • Hygiene: This device was so easy to clean, which is obviously paramount for something worn in the mouth.
  • FDA Approved: This is a high-quality device that obtained FDA approval from the offset, which is a nice reassuring touch – not all anti-snoring devices have this, after all!
  • Designed by those ‘in the know’: The SleepTight mouthpiece was designed by one Dr. Mike Williams, a dentist with excellent credentials and first-hand experience of snoring. As someone who suffers from the condition himself, he could use his dental expertise and personal experience to design a trustworthy product that works effectively.
  • Suitable for wearers of partial dentures: Although this one doesn’t apply to me, it’s certainly something for other purchasers to consider. This is a common complaint when it comes to these kinds of mouthpieces, as those who wear dentures aren’t usually able to use them. As long as you have some real teeth on the upper and lower jaw, this device will fit well and stay put.

Nothing is perfect! Although there is no doubt as to the effectiveness of this mouthpiece, there are a few considerations to be kept in mind before purchasing:

  • It takes some getting used to: Going to bed with a mouthpiece in is an unusual sensation, and will almost certainly make you drool at first. Not particularly attractive, but this was only a temporary issue for me, and is a small price to pay for the long-term benefits. My gums were also a little sore the next morning but, again, this wasn’t something that bothered me with subsequent use. If you can power through the initial minor discomfort, it’s definitely worth it.
  • Avoid using mouthwash to clean it: This device stains easily when cleaned with mouthwash (ditto toothpaste), and although this doesn’t detract from the effectiveness of the mouthpiece it’s still something to bear in mind.

Overall Impressions
This is a highly effective and easy-to-use device that could be the answer to your problems for the chronic snorers among you. As someone who has tried repeatedly to put an end to my noisy sleeping, I am so pleased to have found something that promises to work long term. I was a little dubious about using a mouthpiece at first (and yes, it does take a little getting used to) but is it worth it for an unbroken night’s sleep? Absolutely! The low upfront cost is a testimony to the confidence the company has in this device and means that if for whatever reason, it doesn’t work for you, there’s no obligation to pay the full amount after the 30-day trial. Easy to use, easy to clean, durable and effective, there’s really no downside to trying it out yourself! I still stand by my daily use snoring mouthpiece, SnoreRx. It costs more but overall works the best for me.

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