Stop Snoring Mouthpiece That Actually Works

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Snoring may not be uncommon but when left untreated, may lead to more issues that could greatly affect your health and relationships. Fortunately, surgery is neither the first nor the only option for treating this issue. Snorers can try oral appliances which are considered reliable means to stop snoring. Here you will find the available types of oral appliances and determine which stop snoring mouthpiece could actually work for you.

Snoring occurs when air cannot freely pass through your nose and mouth during sleep. It is often caused by an obstruction on the airway either from improper posture during sleep or inflammation or irregularities of the soft tissues in your throat. When the air passages are blocked, the tissues rub together and create the snoring sound when you breathe in and out. That said, the type of stop snoring mouthpiece you must look for should efficiently address this very issue.

There are two categories of oral appliances currently in use for the treatment of snoring: Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) and Tongue Retaining Devices (TRD).

Mandibular Advancement Decvices

MADs are jaw retainers almost like athletic mouthguards. They are generally made of special acrylic material that becomes pliable when heated for custom fitting. The unit is placed over the upper and lower teeth and is designed to advance the lower jaw slightly forward. This technique allows the tongue and the soft tissues of the throat to open the airway, restoring normal breathing as you sleep.

Jaw retainers have built-in adjustment mechanism which allows you to change the position of the bottom jaw for a proper and more comfortable fit. Some devices can only be obtained by prescription and fitted by a dentist. There are more than a few brands, however, that can be purchased over the counter and require no professional assistance for fitting.

While the concept of this snore mouthpiece is proven effective for preventing snoring, wearing a mandibular advancement device is not always a comfortable experience. People typically complain about jaw pain, facial pain, gum and teeth soreness, and excessive salivation the first few nights of wearing the device. Some people get used to it while others find this type of stop snoring mouthpiece simply unbearable the first time they use it that they do not give it enough time to work.

Certain brands, however, are focused on the patient’s optimum comfort that they equip their products with features that ensure maximum comfort and clinical effectiveness. While each brand is based on the same proven concept, the product’s success is not always dependent on the ability to address the snoring issue but on how comfortable the device is when worn.

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