Top 5 Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

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 Anti-snoring mouthpieces have been proven effective in treating snoring and mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea. If you came here looking for the best remedy for your snoring then read on as we have have here the top 5 anti-snoring mouthpieces available today based on quality, ease of use, user ratings, and price.

Rank No. 5 PureSleep

PureSleep is a self-molded mandibular advancement device that slightly repositions your lower jaw as you sleep to open the airway and give you a quieter sleep. It is FDA-cleared and made in USA of high quality safety-tested materials. This jaw retaining mouthpiece comes with three settings so you can adjust it to a custom comfortable fit.

While it has a remarkable record of safe and effective use, you may experience a bit of discomfort in the jaw or teeth which is usually the case during the adjustment period when wearing jaw holding devices for the treatment of snoring.

PureSleep may be effective but you have to make sure you get the precise setting when you fit the device as once it has been molded, you cannot change the setting anymore. It may have a good reputation among patients but since it also requires prescription by a licensed dentist or physician, many individuals go for other hassle-free options which are equally or even better in quality.

Rank No. 4 Vital Sleep

Another mandibular advancement device that made it to our list is Vital Sleep. It improves airflow into your lungs and enables quiet breathing while you sleep. Vital Sleep is fully adjustable and customizable, FDA cleared device with over 95% success rate. This brand takes pride in its 100% USA sourced and USA manufactured BPA-free, latex-free, flexible thermoplastic materials created by Dupont.

As you adjust to the device, you may experience some jaw or tooth discomfort when you first start using Vital Sleep. As with any other jaw holding mouthpieces, the discomfort during the adjustment period is normal and is expected to wane after several uses.

Based on reviews, this device actually works but users think the quality has to be improved since it loses shape after some time and you can only repeat the molding process up to three times.

Rank No. 3 Good Morning Snore Solution

Good Morning Snore Solution is the only tongue retaining device that made it to our list of the top anti-snoring mouthpieces. Developed by top sleep researchers, this oral appliance is a lot more comfortable and easy to use than most jaw retainers and more manageable than regular CPAP devices. Unlike mandibular advancement devices that occupy most of your mouth, this tongue retainer only attaches to the tip of your tongue and gently pulls it forward to clear blocked airways resulting in quieter, more comfortable sleep.

Since the device does not put pressure on your teeth or jaw, you will not experience the discomfort associated with using jaw retainers. However, you may experience excessive salivation or a tender tongue as you get accustomed to the device.

Many users prefer Good Morning Snore Solution over jaw holding devices for its efficiency and ease of use. It also can be used by people wearing denture. Its lifespan is also longer than many other stop snoring devices. It can last one year or more depending on your personal use and care of the device. However, you have to be able to freely breath through your nose otherwise you cannot use this remedy.

Rank No. 2 Zquiet

Second on our list is an FDA-cleared device that promises to bring relief the very first night you use it. It has a special feature called Living Hinge Technology which allows you to naturally open and close your mouth while you sleep. Unlike most jaw retainers that require molding, Zquiet does not involve any setup – no heating or molding needed. The unit is designed to fit virtually everyone and you can use it right out of the box.

Since it is a jaw holding device, you may experience some tooth or jaw discomfort during the adjustment period which may take a few hours to a few weeks.

Many users favor this mouthpiece because it is easily accessible and requires no setup. However it does not have the ability to micro adjust for the perfect fit although you can always trim the edges if needed.

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